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 Clan Meeting 17/05

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PostSubject: Clan Meeting 17/05   Thu May 21, 2015 5:57 am

Hey guys,

Clan meeting has been and gone yes but im going to post the main points which were taken from the meeting on Sunday just incase.

1- No more contradicting what the commander of the game says ( Nor if you are commanding your contradict what you say to the players in that skimish)

2- Less Chatter while in and at the start of the game so to avoid confusion in where players are supposed to be positioned.

3- More platooning available for new players. Playing with them helps them to improve and learn the game. Keep it up to those who have been training along side them.

4- More Training for those who need it. Possibility for private training if you request it.

5- Idea of a casual Lottory per month to randomly reward a player with 2500 Gold.

6- Idea to reward people who earn top plunder per week.

7- Feeling free to express ideas even if it is at the start of a game.

8- The feeling of the FC's (Field commanders) and how they act towards people ( they dont mean to upset anyone if they shout at you )

These were the main points brought up. The next meeting will be taking place on the 31/05

Happy Hunting guys Smile
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Clan Meeting 17/05
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